Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Art Collector and the Little Things

Sunday on 17th 8x8 Oil

I hope you had a chance to see my painting in American Art Collector's December issue. This view is looking east on 17th Street in downtown Denver, and it was chosen by gallery owner Chris Serr to be in Abend's two-page ad for the Holiday Miniature Show.   The show started last Friday, and I was lucky enough to sell two paintings on the first night.  Early Morning Tuscan Fog (shown on Nov. 4th's posting) and Union Station Reflections (shown below) have both gone to good homes.

Union Station Reflections  12x6  Oil/Linen Panel (sold)

I was in Union Station on the same day that "Sunday on 17th" was conceived, but this painting took a lot longer to be born.  I must have taken over 200 photos that day, and over the months I kept coming back again and again to this photo inside the station.  When I finally started playing around with the photo and cropping it different ways, I realized that it was just a tiny portion of the photo that kept bringing me back.  The sun shining through the large expanse of windows had created beautiful turquoise reflections on the floor, and in the middle was this lonely yellow "wet floor" sign that was just begging to be painted.  So now, whether I'm plein air painting or composing with a camera, I try to remember to look at both the trees and the forest, because sometimes it is the little things that count the most.

In this very busy time of year I hope you are finding time to keep track of and enjoy the little things in life.